1. My Weekender fit like a glove in the airplane cabin and got me the flight attendant’s number. #doublewinning



    We always knew the Weekender was a conversation starter.

  2. Oh my goodness - this Everlane t-shirt feels like I’m wearing a warm breeze. #gift


  3. Just got my @everlane shirts in the mail and man it’s like being hugged by an angel.



  4. Got an @everlane #weekender in navy/red. Loved it so much, bought one for my Mom in olive (& now the sisters are fighting over it).



    See, it’s not just for the boys. 

  5. The Weekender from @Everlane : after years of traveling, my chance to own an awesome duffel bag. ALL EXCITEMENT. #nextweek #shopping

    — ‏@sevangatsby

  6. Just discovered @Everlane (thx @jaymstr) - love the attention to detail in onboarding process. Fuck the shirts, I want to sign up again.

    — @loganlahive