1. Goodbye Asia. Until next time. 

    Goodbye Asia. Until next time. 

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    Dongguan, China: Learning what differentiates cashmere. #EverlaneInChina

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    Ningbo, China: Inside our cashmere spinning factory. #EverlaneInChina

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    Ningbo, China: Cashmere gets a dye bath. #EverlaneInChina 

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    A video inside our silk weaving factory. #EverlaneInChina

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    Some outtakes from our day in Shanghai. #EverlaneInChina

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    At Everlane, we source our products from factories around the world, because we seek out the best. Currently we produce in the United States, China, Scotland, and Turkey. 

    Beginning Monday, we will be starting Everlane Explores where we’ll be visiting the factories where we make our products, and sharing photos, videos, and stories of how Everlane is made.¬†

    At 2:00 PST we will share our travel itinerary on our blog. First stop: China.