1. We understand it can be tough to shop online, especially when it comes to fit.
Help us: Answer BOTH questions and we’ll reward five people for their suggestion with a FREE TEE of your choice. 
1. Can you figure out your size using this fit guide?
2. What would help you find your fit online?

    We understand it can be tough to shop online, especially when it comes to fit.

    Help us: Answer BOTH questions and we’ll reward five people for their suggestion with a FREE TEE of your choice.

    1. Can you figure out your size using this fit guide?

    2. What would help you find your fit online?

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    Hm, is this still active...guys do a great job! The fact that we see the same model across...
  2. acaneiro said: Yes, I can find my size using this guide. Maybe it would help to include the vertical length of the tee!
  3. dapperfuckers said: 1. Sort of. I always forget my length in inches, so that is my only problem. 2. Um, I’m not sure. This is pretty helpful.
  4. unionblanket said: 1. Yes! The model happens to be exactly my size, so this was a great reference for me. 2. Using different models of various sizes would be more helpful, however, so each person is able to buy their own size with more certainty like I was able to.
  5. anodynesandantigens said: 1. Yes, for the most part 2. I find reviews to be the most helpful—even if staff reviewed/commented on the fit.
  6. anaccumulation said: 1. Yes I can 2. Different models for each size and/or pictures from each angle (front, back, side) would be nice.
  7. troublewasfor said: I can figure it out mostly. Different models might be nice because it’s hard to tell a difference here.
  8. charlieprincess said: 1. Yes I can 2. Models with varying body types and measurements would be helpful to figure out what clothes would look good on me, and a picture depicting how to find measurements. Thanks for giving the height of the model, very helpful
  9. girlwhitehorn said: It would definitely help if there was sizing on fit, meaning, these shirts were made to be worn a little loose.
  10. tong-baby said: Yes, I am a med. going by waist measurements. Maybe you could include different models of varying height? I’m 5’4 and it’d be cool to know where the hem would hit approximately.
  11. tinyfail said: An XXL option would help.
  12. lovedfortherandom said: Yes I can find my size; a small. Seeing someone built for the size of each shirt would be helpful to get a better idea of the fit.
  13. breakblossom said: 1. Yes 2. I agree that having different size models wearing the shirts would help. It’s hard to tell what a medium shirt is going to look like when it’s on a woman that’s an x-small…
  14. a-plus-emergence said: 1. yes i can. a how-to measurement tutorial would help. 2. visuals of a body type would help. And the fact that the same girl is wearing all four sizes is really throwing me off
  15. hellolittlelady said: 1. yes, but like other said, it would help to have a measurement of sleeve as well as shoulder to bottom of hem measurements. 2. it would help if there were also pictures of the model with her arms straight out to the side to show diff. in width.
  16. ahotsecond said: Yes, I can figure out my size using the fit guide. But it would be easier to see if she was wearing white or a lighter color. The pictures aren’t as helpful as I think they could be.
  17. likealady said: yes, I can figure out my size with this guide and by the measurements on the model, including height, to determine the similarities in size :)
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  19. katieparks said: 1. the size and bust are very helpful. with a tee i wouldn’t really need the waist measurement. But putting tee sizes into numbers instead of just S/M/L is soooo helpful. 2. I would love to have a length measurement. As a tall person it really helps
  20. tinatalk said: 1. YES. I really like the pictures, though M and S look similar. 2. 360 degree pictures. Or pictures of other people wearing the shirt (and in what size). I often rely on model pictures, but there are too few and there’s usually only one model.
  21. nobodyargueswithaharpoon said: Another diagram mapping each size in comparison to each other size would be cool, so you orient the x-small in the center, with measurements and differences to the small that’s drawn around it, and so on.
  22. rainbowcloudsarecool said: Yes this fit guide would be very helpful and i can figure out my size with it. Knowing how the shirt fits and how big it is would help me find my fit online.
  23. allyourworstcritics said: I have a 32 bust and a 26 waist, so I guess I’d go with an X-Small. It would be useful to have a shoulder to bottom hem measurement too, to help those of us with long bodies.
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    1. No, I cannot find my size using this fit guide because your sizes are too small. (I have a 42in bust.) But otherwise,...
  25. weshouldntkeepthisup said: 1. I can figure my size with the chart. 2. Something that would help would be information if the tees are preshrunk or not.
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  27. guinevere said: 1. Yes, if the shirts don’t shrink! 2. The height/weight of the model to see how they are in approximation to me.
  28. slsterling said: 1) Yes. 2) Giving the model’s measurements and size they are wearing and also giving the garment’s measurements (in this case, torso length, hem width, etc.)
  29. nikkotine said: 1. Yes I can, but only from the size chart and not from the measurements. The measurements given aren’t enough for me to gauge the shirt size; 2. More measurements (i.e. shoulder-to-hem, underarm to underarm, etc), also international sizing charts.
  30. jennayeeeee said: 1. Yes, you have the right information presented for me to tell which size fits myself. 2. If I am able to move the model around so I can see how the shirt fits comfy onto her body, this will then help me imagine how it would look like on myself.
  31. thedaisylou said: 1. Yes, I am a small. 2. Measuring tape
  32. maquinadesnuda said: What you’ve done is great already. !. I can definitely tell what size I am by the diff. types of measurements this shows. 2. It would help out a lot more if they were accompanied by diff. body types. From petite to larger/thicker body forms/shapes.
  33. phoeline said: 1. Yes 2. A sleeve opening measurement can also help
  34. themitfordsisters said: 1. Yes 2. Conversion into international sizes (UK, European etc.)
  35. biggerthingsinmind said: 1.) yes absolutely 2.) maybe used a model that is actually that size, instead of the same girl for each size.